ICX-Implants are manufactured by Medentis Medical GmbH in Germany with years of experience. The surface of the ICX-Implants is sandblasted and high temperature etched, allowing osteophilic surface morphology with bimodal structuring for reliable biological and mechanical anchoring of the bone with the material in the micro level.

The entire implant geometry of the ICX implant system is designed according to the latest design and functional principles. The self-tapping apical thread achieves a high primary stability. The unique, protected condensation thread in the middle to upper implant area ensures good compression of the cancellous bone.

The micro-thread in the area of the implant neck produces the desired cortical bone contact and thus ensures an optimized, physiological introduction of force in this area.

The slightly beveled, microrough surface of the implant shoulder allows the permanent attachment of crestal bone in the shoulder area and thus promotes a secure and lasting stability of the peri-implant bone level for the necessary stabilization of the soft tissue.

The platform switch also promotes better attachment of the bone and moves the implant-abutment interface further away from the biologically relevant bone boundary.

ICX-system is already being used in over 50 countries and it’s the 4th most sold implant-system in Germany with over 11 000 dentists using it worldwide.